Baby Body Recovery–How did I do it??

This is a question I’ve received from so many people that I’ve lost count.

Almost every mom I’ve met who recently had a baby has struggled with losing the baby weight and keeping it off! Adjusting to a new human living in your household, sleep deprivation, maintaining a POSITIVE relationship with your significant other and ensuring your own mental and physical’s A LOT. Losing that weight may be the last thing on your mind. For me, it was always on the forefront.

By the end of my pregnancy, I had gained 50+lbs, craved donuts and pizza and keeping animal products out of my diet was a daily struggle.


So March 12th, Max Carter is born. I lose around 15lbs immediately, but still have 40 to go. I had NO IDEA that once the baby is out, I would still look pregnant for weeks to come. So I went on a mission to drop the pounds quickly, but always keeping my health in mind. This is how I lost the remaining 40lbs in 3 weeks!

side note:: I have listed the 5 steps I took that helped me, by no means am I saying this will help you, but this is my personal journey and you can take from it what you wish.

Ditched the Bottles

Breastfeeding was never an option for me. I was breastfed and had read about various benefits.  I knew I wanted this for my son and myself. Of course, this was easier said than done. I was exhausted, my mental state was a wreck, my son had lip tie(yay sore nipples!), milk production or lack of,  and people constantly staring at my enlarged chest! I was over it before I even took him home from the hospital. Breastfeeding has been a daily struggle for me, but has created an amazing bond between my little and I and has definitely helped with my recovery.

Read This article to learn some of the benefits for moms!

Found My Waist

Waist Training!! I can’t explain how amazing this method truly is. I was 7 months pregnant the first time I heard about postpartum waist training. I am SO HAPPY to learn this was a regular practice that can be effective if use properly. I did my research, read through multiple sites and began 4 days after birthing Max (pics below).

Saran wrap.. bandage wraps, but none as good as this cheap Target waist cincher. I “outshrunk” 2 waist cinchers my first two months and got most of my waist back! I have 3 inches left to lose, but I’m almost there! This is 13 weeks postpartum.


Side note:: If anyone has tips on getting rid of stretch marks, let me know!

Check out this other mom who also saw great benefits from waist training!

Stay Active

Before pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and post pregnancy, I WAS ACTIVE.

Pre-pregnancy, everyone called me a busy body due to always being on the go.

During pregnancy, I did not use being pregnant as a clutch. Yard work, volunteering and hanging with friends were a part of my weekly routine!

Postpartum, no couch surfing was allowed! The only time I’m on my sofa is to breastfeed or take a much needed nap. If I’m up, I’m cleaning, visiting friends, going out to eat, or meeting new moms.

Fruits and Veggies

As most of you know, I have been on a regular plant-based diet for over a year now. I truly believe this is the reason for so many health benefits in my life. Although I do believe everyone would benefit from more fruits and veggies(yes, I’m bias), I understand it isn’t for everyone!  All I want to say is to remain consistent, find YOUR diet and cook it! Stay away from the fast food. After pregnancy, I have maintained a clean diet due to the nutrients both my son and I need! Here are a couple of my favorite plant-based recipes. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Fat Burning Pineapple Smoothie

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

1-Hour Vegan Pot Pies

Vegan Enchiladas

Light Exercise

Exercise. Walk. Bike. Stretch. All and any amounts of physical activity have been and will always be my saving grace.

Pre-pregnancy, I weight lifted 3x a week and practiced Hot Yoga 3-5x a week.

During pregnancy, I switched to prenatal yoga and walked my neighborhood.


Postpartum, I began walking around my block one week after delivering. At 6 weeks post, I was walking 5-8 miles a week and participated in hot pilates once a week.          DISCLAIMER!! I did begin bleeding again from overexerting myself. I stopped for a week and slowly resumed with 0 complications.

All in all, I am still learning to love the NEW me. Stretch marks, extra skin and a weak pelvic floor got the best of me, but hey, I would do it all over again(maybe with less cupcakes) for this guy.


Stay Pure!

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