Purely Me

So happy to have you here! If you didn’t know, I received a degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma *Boomer Sooner* in 2015. You can see a little of my work here.

Upon graduation, I decided to pursue a career in marketing and management. I flip flopped from job to job until I met my husband, John Carter and we had our baby boy, Maximus Carter in March of 2018.

YR7A9793 copy.jpg

Being a Mother has redefined who I am. I constantly struggle with selfish tendencies, but have learned to think beyond myself. I am now blessed to stay at home with my little and help my husband with our remodeling company, John Carter Bathrooms.

My family is plant-based and do our best to stay away from consuming animal products including, eggs..meat..dairy. Everything delicious, right?! Wrong! We took the plunge in January of 2017 and there’s no turning back. We truly believe in the quote by Hippocrates::

Let food be thy medicine. — Hippocrates

A few more quick notes on me::

..I am a follower of Chris† BY CHOICE! I have absolutely witnessed the goodness of our Heavenly Father and believe I have been placed on this earth to bring others to Him.

..I enjoy being a freelance model in my free time(Check out my Instagram to see some of my recent work).

..I recently started a hair line, Xdesign Extensions, check it out HERE.

So yeah.  I’m looking for my new “thing” and decided to try my hand at lifestyle blogging(hobbyist only) to not only tap into my journalism desires, but also help others find pleasure in the simple & pure aspects of life.

Feel free to ask questions, comment and critique as needed!

Keep it pure♥.

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